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Bank Loan Insurance

Loan insurance represents on average one third of the cost of the loan. This is why young borrowers have a great interest in taking out their insurance assignment contract, without being taxed by the bank that finances them.

Some companies offer very cheap loan insurance contracts for young people. On average, it is 10 000 € of savings on a project of 300 000 € for a borrower of 30 years. So know how to enjoy it!

There is no mortgage insurance specifically for young borrowers. However, age is an important factor for insurers who prefer to insure youth, less likely to get sick (according to their internal statistics). Thus, young borrowers will have a contribution that is often lower than that of older people.

Loan insurance for young borrowers, insurance delegation is highly recommended!

Young borrowers therefore have little interest in taking out their loan insurance with the Bank, which gives them their loan.

Indeed, thanks to their less risky profile, the prices of individual insurers via the insurance delegation will be systematically more interesting than those of banking organizations that have “group” or “collective” contracts, which do not distinguish the contribution based underwriting age (and therefore average costs).

Loan insurance for young borrowers: your young age is your asset


If you are young, healthy and non-smoker, insurance delegation is typically for you. For such a profile, the savings of a delegation of insurance versus a group contract are indisputable. Indeed, you will not support the risk pooling inherent in any group contract and an individualized rate will be insured.

Young borrower loan insurance: Yes at the best price, No insufficient guarantees!

Use your broker to compete because he can choose the best guarantees for you based on your profile and not just compare rates. To have a low price certainly, but not at the price of neglected guarantees that you may have to regret in case of need for compensation

In addition it will be necessary to pay attention to be in equivalence of guarantees with the contract of the bank which finances you, otherwise you will be denied your insurance contract delegate. We all know the criteria required by the banks and will guide you to make the right choice.

Other Benefits Certain for Loan Insurance for Young Borrowers

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The possibility of benefiting from reduced medical formalities.

Some companies offer very simple medical formalities for young borrowers: a simplified health questionnaire or health declaration is enough to be insured. This is the case of:

  • Metlife with its contract Super Novaterm Credit // Spheria Life with its contract The Borrower Guarantee // Swiss Life: simplified health questionnaire up to € 400,000 for a borrower under 45
  • Premavals with its Individual Loans Contract: simplified health questionnaire up to € 400,000 for a borrower under 50
  • Afi Esca with his Perenim contract: simplified health questionnaire up to € 350,000 for a borrower under 55

The possibility of benefiting from a quick subscription thanks to 100% digital

The possibility of benefiting from a quick subscription thanks to 100% digital

Some of our partners such as Swiss Life or Suravenir offer 100% digital solutions for the entire process of joining their loan insurance contracts.

These solutions are ideally suited for young, healthy borrowers who have only a simple health declaration to complete, most often with an exclusivity of No to medical questions. These “full digital” processes make it possible to subscribe to a loan insurance in 2 days, without any outside intervention. Everything is computerized, the lengths due to the exchanges of mails or mail are thus avoided.

This can be very useful for example when one seeks to change loan insurance and that one is taken by time because of the delays, whether in the context of a termination thanks to the Hamon law or to the Bourquin law.